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if you have no experience in IT?
We will help you to understand these and other questions, about creating, developing and launching software products.
Who we are?
We have been managing a team of analysts, designers, and IT developers for 9 years.
In 2010 there were two of us. And in 2017 we had 18 specialists. Today's number of our employees is 24.
We launched more than 40 projects for private investors, large businesses and government organizations.
Did we ever fail?
Yup and 2 of them were major ones. But that's what has helped us to draw up several dozens of documents regulating the product's development.
Our best projects
Our most ambitious public projects, that have big achievements and are used by people a lot, are listed down below.
Searches the best placement for outlets and predicts their profit. Implemented in federal chains.
Market place for recreation tours. In their accounts, providers can add their own offerings. Lots of competitors copy the UX side of the project.
Popular science magazine. Habr in Life science spectrum. There is no Life science specialist in the Russian Federation who does not read Biomolecula.
Mail service to test out websites and apps. It does not require SMTP installation. No marketing investments needed and this is what makes the service popular.
Kirill Grishanin
Writes notes about software development
Юра Шиканов
Has a blog & > 6 hundred stars on github
Tasks we solved
We have always tackled difficult and major problems. We have a lot of experience in designing, development and launching various IT products on different stages of their life cycles.
High-load e-commerce projects
Analytical systems
Online media players
Data visualization
Geographic information systems (GIS)
Media projects
Real-time auction
Single-page apps (SPA)
CRM systems
Market places
Mikhail Polonsky
Private investor, manager of the Promstroy company.
Evgeny Engel-Ruban
Businessman, launcher of Kviker, Bringo 24/7, Volontim, Developing of the Internet initiatives Fund graduate.
Dmitry Ivanochek
Businessman, the creator of joxi,
QB online, metr price.
How we can help
The list of situations when our consultation could be very helpful.
For investors
Who wants to invest in a start-up project
  • If you are planning to invest, we can calculate these risks:
  • — Evaluate the project's business model,
  • — Code audit,
  • — Team Due diligence.
  • You can get example of the results after our meeting.
For outsources
For outsource beginners
  • If you are tired of chaos and time crunches.
  • If you are tired of the deadline failures.
  • If you do not understand how to control software developers.
  • If you are not sure what to use: waterfall or agile.
  • If you are not quite confident in your development approach.
How much is it?
Our prices
One-time meeting
Code audit
Team control
Your situation

One-time meeting costs 10 thousand rubles per hour. 1 to 2 hours is enough in 9 times out of 10. We will charge you only if you will be pleased.
  • But we will make clear your current situation, market conjuncture, marketing and technological problems of your project.
  • You will have a step by step plan which is going to lead you to the final project.

Code audit: ~100 thousand rubles. It will be useful for a start-up businessman. It will help to make a decision about the development strategy for a medium-term perspective. You will get audit examples after our meeting. We are working with:
  • Python (Django, Flask, etc)
  • Javascript (Vue, React, vanilla)
  • C, C#, Swift
  • Java

The cost of team employment is standard: one salary after probation. It will be useful for projects with such conditions:
  • needs hypothesis is checked
  • needs hypothesis got feedback and MVP is understandable
  • not less than $50k is free for marketing and development needs

Usually, 4-5 meetings per month for a few months is enough. You have to buy team control with code audit together, so the price is about 220 thousand rubles. We call team leaders every week for 30-60 minutes and discuss recommendations that we have given on previous meetings. On the fifth month, the development will become predictable or we will give your money back.

Our experience tells us that 99% of businessmen that have decided to work by themselves do not launch any product at all. They lose millions on unnecessary tactics. We will be glad to help you not to become one of them and save your money.
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